This is my first VMWorld due to the fact, that airwatch had its own event in Atlanta before. This year everything was new and now airwatch is finally a part of VMWare including conferences. I was curious about the amount …

VMWorld 2017 – From the view of a mobility guy Read More »

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At least without context! As fascinating Big Data is to me, there is a danger that people will stop thinking about the results and take everything as truth. I witnessed this last weekend at the fitness gym. I was able …

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This years CIM Lingen (Community in Motion) was a little different for me, because I was one of the choosen speakers. My topic was artifical intelligence and how they will be integrated in our future life. You didn’t attend? You’ll …

CIM Lingen 2016 – Reverse-Skynet (Video // German) Read More »

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After I tried my first steps on my blog in English and German I decide to built the new blog only in English. I’m not able to maintain this blog in both languages (I did all translations myself), there was …

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Don’t worry! Everything will be cool (again). I’m just moving my blog to a new provider.

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